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Todd Lyall

    The band Lyall is a three piece ensemble with a versatile range of styles which encompass Pop to Progressive Rock, New Age to New Wave and even a little touch of fusion. Releases in the 80's were more progressive and new wave, while early '90s releases were more new age and progressive. Mid 90's the music turned more towards the Pop/Rock end. Now the band is heading slightly more progressive with a slight lean towards the progressive psychedelic rock music market(check back for a new release soon).The Band's last release also has a Christian Music Market crossover. Some copies of previous releases are still available through 'Sound-A-Round One Music Publishing,as well as their last release ... THE TOWER.  --  Todd Lyall

Lyall Logo

The band 'LyAllen', was created over years of confussion and blind direction. As the years went by, there seemed that there was no real understanding of what was or what will be. Just listen. And ........... Look Around. ..

Ken Allen - Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar
Todd Lyall - Vocals, Drums, Keyboards, programming ..

Produced by Todd Lyall and Ken Allen, Engineered by Todd Lyall and Ken Allen. Recorded at Sound-A-Round One Studios. ..

The band name LyAllen is a fusion of the musician's last names - Todd Lyall and Ken Allen. Todd and Ken have collaborated for many years musically. These works are the result of an exchange of ideas and data via the Internet, culminating in a recording session in April 2008. .. and continuing


Following is a list of still available releases:

Not Quite Real
Released 2008 Sound-A-Round Records
*** Available on Amazon - MP3 downloads ***

Second Life
Released 2011 Sound-A-Round Records
*** Available on Amazon as a CD or MP3 download ***

Weather Vein
Released 2013 Sound-A-Round Records
*** Available at CDbaby as CD and iTunes and Amazon as MP3 downloads ***

Fractured Time
Released 2016 Sound-A-Round Records
*** Available at CDbaby as CD and iTunes and Amazon as MP3 downloads ***


Inside Your Mind
Released 1985 Sound-A-Round Records
*** Only VINYL copies are still available ***

ROMEO & JULIET The Rock Opera
Released 1993 Sound-A-Round Records
*** Only chrome cassettes are still available ***

Released 1999 Sound-A-Round Records
*** Copies are only available directly from the band ***
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